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Two Day Course

Bodywork for Babies

“I am just SO glad to have found you, I’m loving this training so much ♡” – Bodywork for Babies student

Bodywork for Babies – The Course

The Bodywork for Babies Course will teach health care professionals and laypeople how to effectively use gentle, hands-on techniques to release physical tension in babies, toddlers and children. The stresses of fetal life, birth and other injuries throughout life don’t just disappear, but can have lasting effects on normal physiology, physical comfort, and in the newborn, their ability to breastfeed.

Fortunately we can easily release restrictions and help babies and children to thrive, addressing everything from digestive problems to physical asymmetries, ear aches and other infections, and overall brain health and development. This two day course, with Dr. Lauren Brim, includes hands on practice with babies and children from the community so that you will immediately begin using the techniques from this course on your family and patients. We hope you take the Bodywork for Babies Course, and learn to make a difference in the lives of children to set them up for a lifetime of health.

The Course

Bodywork for Babies Course Testimonials

Now Available Online!

Bodywork for Babies is now available as an online course! You can attend the two day course from anywhere in the world, at a time that’s convenient for you, with a one-on-one Zoom practical where you work on babies using your new technique with supervision from Bodywork for Babies Instructor Lauren Brim.

Sign up for the online course! Or email to inquire about the next in-person training in your area. Or better yet, coordinate the training in your area and take the class for free!

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The Bodywork For Babies Course Includes:

  • Working with the 3-dimensional fascial web
  • Cranial anatomy and nerves in babies
  • The birth process and how it affects moms and babies
  • Protocol for addressing fascia strain in babies and kids
  • Bodywork for breastfeeding and addressing feeding issues
  • How to decrease maternal stress to help babies thrive
  • Developmental milestones & how bodywork makes a difference
  • Techniques for working with toddlers and children
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Bodywork For Babies
Bodywork for Babies Course