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Babies need help to feel good!

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Does your baby or child need bodywork?

If they aren’t feeding, sleeping or feeling well, then YES, they do! The 3-Dimensional fascial web that makes up the body can easily be injured from fetal positioning, birth, or from injuries or stressors from life. Bodywork for babies and children has a profound and immediate effect on their overall health and wellness, restoring fascial health and balance and improving eating, digestion, breathing, sleep, posture and more.

100% of babies benefit from bodywork.
What Does Bodywork Do?

This gentle, hands-on technique releases physical tension in babies right from birth.

Better Feeding

Releasing tension in the head, face, throat and abdomen produces great improvements with breastfeeding, suck/swallow reflexes, reflux, digestion and weight gain.

Undo Trauma

Poor positioning in utero, fast births, birth trauma, and experiences after birth can be released with bodywork for babies to reveal a happier, healthier baby who sleeps better, has greater immunity, and thrives!

Healing after surgery

Bodywork for babies speeds up the recovery by lessening scar tissue production after procedures such as lip and tongue revisions or circumcision. It can also speed up the amount of time in a helmet to correct misshapen cranial bones.

Improves Breathing

When the tongue sits at the roof of the mouth, your baby will breathe through their nose, increasing oxygen to the brain, and strengthening their overall health, immunity and brain function. This also improves sinus formation and function, wides the palate for teeth to emerge straight, and improves the aesthetic qualities of the face.

Bodyworks Resources

Want to learn how to do Bodywork for Babies on your own children or clients? Join us for Bodywork for Babies with Dr. Lauren Brim online or in-person!

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